About Us


We design vibrant places where future-focused ideas are fully realized

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We are an architecture, interior design, and planning partnership, dedicated to aligning purpose with place to fully realize our clients’ vision through the built world. Since our founding in 1983, we have used design as the medium to solve our clients’ sensitive and complex problems. Over the past decade the problems our clients’ are encountering have grown in scale and complexity; we have grown in capacity and caliber to solve them. With offices in New York City, Philadelphia, and Princeton, our staff of more than 70 talented and dedicated design professionals are passionate about creating built environments to stimulate commerce, learning, and community.

Although we face a world that is more complex than ever before, we welcome these complexities. Our inquisitive minds paired with deep industry and design expertise provide us with a unique ability to anticipate potential challenges and provide elegant solutions. We prepare and position our clients for the future, creating environments that push beyond a single perspective or strategy.

Our Process

We attentively listen to our clients, gaining an understanding of their needs and long-term vision through open dialogue.

Guided by curiosity and a belief in the power of context, we meet with project stakeholders and the surrounding community whenever possible. These conversations, along with research, enhance our understanding of project impact.

We believe in the power of the collective. Our design process is inclusive, welcoming a variety of ideas as we explore project challenges against client goals.

Throughout our process, design decisions are viewed through the lens of our clients’ needs and vision, ensuring we remain in alignment.

We combine design excellence with pragmatic advancements. Performance-based tools, modeling software, and evidence-based building performance data support our proactive approach to project design and delivery.

We recognize our responsibility as stewards of the built environment, to create architecture that integrates human, social, and environmental sustainability, fulfilling the needs and rights of present and future generations. We design today, for tomorrow, fully realizing our clients’ vision.

Our Services


We are a full-service architecture firm, dedicated to guiding our clients and consultant teams through innovative and collaborative design processes. We are passionate about impactful and sustainable architectural solutions that elevate the human experience while minimizing the environmental impact of the built environment.


Interior Design

We believe thoughtfully designed interiors have the power to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and instill a sense of safety and well-being. Our comprehensive approach to interior design embraces a holistic viewpoint, taking into consideration not only the aesthetic, functional, and project-specific goals but also the broader influences of social, economic, and geographic factors.


Planning & Feasibility Studies

As a trusted advisor, we work collaboratively with our clients to develop, analyze, and assess their project. We consider various factors such as timeline, budget, geographic context, economic impacts, and operational constraints. Together we strategically align the project with their mission, vision, and long-term plans.