K-12 Design Practices to Drive Pedagogical Innovation


September 28, 2023

KSS takes a student-centered approach to designing K-12 spaces, using research-backed design interventions to strengthen the educational experience for every student, no matter where in life they may be. 

KIPP Philadelphia Charter School, Whittier School Renovation & Addition, Philadelphia, PA

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KIPP Philadelphia Charter School at Whittier

Honoring historical context while designing for tomorrow

The former John G. Whittier School in the Allegheny West neighborhood of Philadelphia is now the home of KIPP's flagship middle school operation. Renovations pay tribute to the building's heritage while accommodating the needs of evolving learning styles. Read about KIPP Whittier here.

KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy at Littleton Avenue, Newark, NJ

KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy at Littleton Avenue

Designing for students and the surrounding community

Situated within the Littleton Avenue Redevelopment Area, Collegiate Academy is designed to provide space for both the school and the surrounding community, capitalizing on the positive student outcomes that come from community engagement. In addition to academic spaces, the four-story building includes a gymnasium, cafe, and library, each available for use by the local community. Read about KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy here.

South Bronx Classical Charter School IV, Bronx, NY

South Bronx Classical Charter School IV

Bringing classical design archetypes into classical curricula

This charter school, located in one of the most poverty-stricken districts in the country, sought a highly structured building to match their highly structured pedagogy. A rigorous classical curriculum is enhanced by classical architectural archetypes like the Temple (gym), the Agora (lobby), and the Theater (cafeteria). A rich material language engages the street and creates a warm, welcoming environment. Read about South Bronx Classical here.

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