Social Housing in Architectural Record: Teachers Village


June 1, 2017

Why a teachers' village?

According to RBH Group CEO Ron Beit, Teachers Village serves as a "tool" and "a benefit for the community" of Newark that is inspired by the teachers of Newark. One of the first communities to pursue LEED Neighborhood Development designation by the USGBC, the project features an array of spaces that empower Newark's citizenry for long-term social impact. Charter schools, an early learning center, retail, and residential units alike are unified by a distinctive architectural language - both beautifully modern and fresh while honoring the city's existing urban fabric.

Teachers Village, Newark, NJ

Read more about the partnership between KSS Architects and Richard Meier Partners Architects in Architectural Record's feature on Teachers Village to learn about how the "six-building mixed-use development" transforms the cityscape by cultivating community, energizing street life, and supporting education. The final building is slated for completion this year.