2505 Bruckner Multistory Distribution Center

Innovo Property Group

Beacon for Integrated Industry

2505 Bruckner Multistory Distribution Center

Innovo Property Group

Bronx, NY

938,000 SF Warehouse

the opportunity

Situated at the apex of five major highways with access to port and city, 2505 Bruckner offers unparalleled truck access that will facilitate last-mile delivery to New York’s five boroughs, serving over 9.4 million people within 15 miles. As a building of monumental scale, 2505 Bruckner occupies an important visual space at the edge of a neighborhood, its verticality doubling usable space to maximize the high-value land.

our approach

2505 Bruckner features 28’ to 32’ clear heights, an elevated truck court, and one-way, two-lane ramps to increase throughput and redundancy. The multistory building design includes distinct levels for loading and unloading in addition to approximately 55,000 SF of on-site office space. The integration of on-site office space, light manufacturing, and distribution space accelerates delivery by compressing the production chain through co-locating design, prototyping, and distribution.

Our Process


Two-level warehouse, mezzanine, office space, two parking decks, 138 surface parking spaces, elevated truck court, 28’ to 32’ clear height, 106 loading docks