Amy Gutmann Hall, New Data Science Building

University of Pennsylvania


Amy Gutmann Hall, New Data Science Building

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

116,000 SF

the opportunity

Lake|Flato and KSS Architects have partnered to design a new Data Science Building for the University of Pennsylvania. Amy Gutmann Hall, named in honor of Penn’s longest-serving President, will be the future home of Data Science academic and research programs and will centralize resources that will advance the work of scholars across a wide variety of fields making the tools and concepts of data analysis more accessible to the university community.

our approach

Aspirations established during the integrated design workshop focus on creating an environment that connects occupants, who work in a digital world, back to the natural environment. The building maximizes daylight and views, integrates ecological environments into interior spaces, and incorporates sensory stimuli that encourage collaborative social behavior and comfort. To that end, Amy Gutmann Hall will be the first Mass Timber project for Penn, and the first six-story mass timber building in the City of Philadelphia. The system both reduces the building’s carbon footprint by 52% relative to concrete and 41% relative to steel and creates a warm, tactile and welcoming environment.

Our Process


Active learning classrooms, collaboration spaces, research centers, laboratories