SOHO Workplace Interiors


Flexible Modern Workplace

SOHO Workplace Interiors


New York, NY

3,700 SF

the opportunity

Sparks, a global brand experience agency, believes that great space is the backbone of a meaningful experience. With this in mind, the company sought to renovate its SoHo office space to better serve its employees and clients visiting the office and express the cutting-edge, funky vibe of Sparks. Tasked with providing a balance of personal and collaborative space that blends function and inspiration, KSS crafted a workplace that supports the company’s high-energy work environment as well as focused work, while doubling as a flexible event space.

Our Approach

The open floor place includes workstations with sit-to-stand desks, private offices, and areas for brainstorming. Privacy booths with built-in banquettes offer a quiet place for heads down work or taking a phone call. In the conference room, the existing floor was raised to create an elevated meeting space that doubles as a stage for events. The kitchen and bar area are a hub of activity where people gather whether for lunch or a launch party.

Our Process


Corporate office; Offices, Standing desk configuration, Bar/kitchen area, Conference room/stage